Fisheries and Cultural Heritage, Identity and Participated Societies.

Interreg Greece – Italy

2018 – 2020

2 pilots


5 partners

FISH & C.H.I.P.S. project was born from the needs of the fishermen communities of Puglia and Greece to start a process of development of their territories increasing the value of the cultural heritage within the coastal and marine environment. The overall objective of FISH & CHIPS project is to identify, enhance and preserve tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the coasts and sea for tourist purposes. This objective stems from the awareness that the Italian and Greek coasts (Puglia coastal-Taranto and Corfu archipelago) are characterized by a widespread presence of witnesses cultural materials (archaeological, architectural, both emerged and submerged) and intangible (crafts, traditions, events) which form the trace of the intense interaction between man and coastal environment over the centuries. The enhancement of the territories through the creation of two Ecomuseums will encourage the rediscovery of the most significant historical and cultural achievements made by the communities over the centuries. Moreover, experimental educational workshops related to shipbuilding, production of purple and fine linen, and the production and uses of salt and reproduction of fish preserves and gourmet dishes inspired by ancient recipes and their modern interpretation will be organized. The joint planning and co-design of environmentally and culturally homogeneous territorial entities, as the Ecomuseums and the Charter of Cultural Heritage, will create greater awareness in the expected actions for conservation and protection of heritage.