Energy retrofitting of municipal buildings in Greek islands

AEGEA in support of the DAFNI Network members promotes the uptake of energy efficiency measures for the municipal buildings in the Greek Archipelago, gaining and disseminating at the same time, an important knowledge, on this sector.

To this day, AEGEA has jointly supported the submission of energy retrofitting proposals for 21 municipal buildings in 12 islands: Limnos, Psara, Fournoi, Kalymnos, Ios, Mykonos, Naxos, Amorgos, Milos, Astypalaia, Nisyros, Kea.
The projects concern mainly educational or tertiary services buildings, selected for their importance on social, economic and environmental level. At the table below a description of the projects is available.

AEGEA in collaboration with DAFNI provided the following services to DAFNI members:

  • Elaboration of strategic plan for municipal buildings’ energy retrofitting through the development of Building Energy Efficiency Action Plan, which are prerequisites for funding of such projects according to the Greek law.
  • Technical and legal support in resolving legality and ownership issues of municipal buildings.
  • On-site energy audits and inspections in order to issue energy performance certificate for buildings in collaboration with certified Energy Auditors.
  • Technical studies in order to identify optimal technical and economic energy retrofitting solutions.
  • Support in the preparation of request for proposals as well as in the selection of financial mechanisms.
  • Support in tendering and public contract conclusion for the implementation of energy retrofitting projects.
  • Training and support of technical staff of municipal buildings in order to ensure effective monitoring of the buildings’ energy condition.
Energy Retrofitting of Moudros Technical School, Limnos Island 273.200 €
Energy Retrofitting of 4 Municipal Buildings, Psara Island 547.000 €
Energy Retrofitting of 3 School Buildings, Fournoi Island 318.000 €
Energy Retrofitting of 2 School Buildings, Kalymnos Island 354.200 €
Energy Retrofitting of 3 School Buildings, Ios Island 176.000 €
Energy Retrofitting of Mykonos Technical School, Mykonos Island 482.000 €
Energy Retrofitting of 3 School Buildings, Naxos Island 704.000 €
Energy Retrofitting of Amorgos Technical School, Amorgos Island 150.000 €
Energy Retrofitting of 3 School Buildings, Milos Island 880.000 €