Pact of Islands

Sustainable energy solution for European islands.

Intelligent Energy Europe

The Pact of Islands is the instrument with which island authorities will enter into a political engagement in order to meet the objectives of the project. ISLE-PACT partners working together with the European Commission, energy experts and financial institutions will identify bankable projects that would help them secure financing in order to implement sustainable energy projects in their island regions.

The main objectives of the ISLE-PACT project were:

  • To achieve the overall objective of reducing CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020;
  • The political commitment of participants by signing the Pact of Islands, whereby they undertake to implement programmes, actions and investments in order to achieve the objectives of the project;
  • To determine Financially Sustainable Projects for implementation;
  • To suggest mechanisms and financing methods for investors which will ensure the implementation of the projects proposed;
  • To raise public awareness in island regions as regards combating climate change;

All European islands were invited to participate in the Pact of Islands, signing the relevant declaration. Participants worked closely together with the European Commission, experts and financing institutions to identify and develop Island Sustainable Energy Action Plans, the implementation of which will contribute to the achievement of the 20-20-20 Climate Change Package targets. Fifteen member islands of the DAFNI Network as well as the Northern and Southern Aegean Regions signed the Pact.