Typology for the Greek islands

Typology for the Greek islands for the design and implementation of integrated local development and innovation strategies

Ministry of Rural Development and Food, General Secretariat of Agricultural Policy and Management of Community Funds, Special Management Service for RDP 2014-2020

The purpose of the study is to produce a detailed and thorough typology of the entire Greek island region, by analyzing the particular political, social, economic, environment and development characteristics of the various islands. The ultimate goal is to enable the integrated designing and implementation of local innovative development strategies on “case study” islands that may be reproduced in the rest of the Greek island region and inspire other regions in the country.

The study has two parts:

Phase 1 – completing island typology and description of the strategic approach to integrated and innovative development for each type of island.

Phase 2 – selection of suitable case study islands for the pilot implementation of integrated local innovative development strategies.

The study includes 5 deliverables:

  • D1. Detailed list of bodies per island / island region for their contribution to the implementation of the project.
  • D2. Report of all collected data and planned projects per island.
  • D3: Report of criteria and typological results of the Greek islands.
  • D4: Report of selecting criteria and determination methodology for “case study” islands.
  • D5: Report of suggested “case study” islands.