SAVE THE DATE: STEPPING final conference takes place in Athens!

STEPPING project will conclude its activities with a final conference in Athens on 25 October 2019, to be held back to back with the MED FOR YOU event!
The conference will attract policy-makers, industry representatives, market actors and project facilitators who will:

  • discuss key project findings
  • present policy frameworks for EPC in different parts of Europe and
  • table proposals on how to make EPC work for the MED area, taking into consideration the MED-specific context (climatological conditions, buildings typology, economy trends and market conditions, governance structures).

Discussion will revolve around barriers but also enabling conditions that can increase the use of EPC in the retrofitting of the MED public building stock, including: the need for tailored financing instruments effectively combining ESIF with EPC; the recognition of the role and support for EPC facilitators; simplified processes and standardization; targeted capacity-building to municipality staff.